Jessica Carr

Digital Marketing Specialist

Knoxville, TN

Jessica Carr

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Digital Marketing Specialist
Editorial Director,
Content/Social, Alder & Co.



Hidden Gem Menu Items at Restaurants in Bossier

Here are some hidden gem menu items at restaurants in Bossier: Link to Story

Interview With Bossier's Garrett Jacobs

At 18 years old, Garrett Jacobs has made it into the Top 24 of American Idol. Link to Story

COVER STORY:Anyone Can Be An Animal Hero

Erica Callais Falbaum is the founder of the Pet Education Project (PEP).
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Vanicka Terhune Paints Her Art Out

Terhune’s experimental painting process allows her creativity to shine through.
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Animal Rights Advocates Call for Reform

To say that it’s been a rough year for the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter (CPAS) would be putting it mildly. The shelter has received a number of complaints from animal rights advocates and members of the community looking for changes to be made.
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Get the Skinny on Louisiana Food

Dietician and author Shelly Marie Redmond talks her new cookbook.
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Custom Jewelry from the Heart

Artist Kathie Krielow pours her heart and soul into the jewelry she makes.
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Making Something Beautiful

Carr talks with Brian Blade about his spiritual connection with music and working with Joni Mitchell.
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UT senior gains recognition for her paintings

Miller makes her mark on one of the most iconic landmarks at the University of Tennessee.
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Expanding Knoxville's Culinary Frontier

Knoxville welcomed a number of new restaurants earlier this spring.
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UT student Darrell Bowles overcomes challenges on the air at WUTK-FM

"Good morning, Knoxville! This is Darrell Bowles, also known as the crazy lightning bolt."
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Sketching His Future

Carr profiles John McAmis, the only animation major at UT.
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Jessica Carr

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for storytelling, building brands and content strategizing. I have lots of experience writing SEO-driven content and creating engaging social content for a variety of clients. Currently, I am the Editorial Director for, a marketing campaign showcasing the best things Bossier City and Parish have to offer. I also create social and website content for Alder & Co. clients.

Side Projects:
-Digital Content Management for Lola Magazine/Richard Creative

Past Projects:
-Producer for Be Bossier's Like a Boss Facebook Live Series

Published Work:
-CityView Magazine
-The Forum News Magazine
-CityLife Magazine
-Torchbearer Alumni Magazine